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 Scroll down for info on upcoming litters!!!!!!


If you are interested in a GO puppy please fill out application on link below. 


NOTE:I do not have puppies often and some years do not have any litters feel free to inquire!

All Sires/Dams are FULLY  health tested including Optimal Selection DNA panel and OFA



 Puppies bred for Temperment, Health, Structure, Intelligence, drive and biddability


Puppies are best suited for active sport homes. 


Puppy Plans 2024

Puppies are not sold on first come first serve but instead for best fit for the individual

I am hoping to do several litters in 2024.  I do have several co-owns that are at the age I need to get them bred, but I also have to work that around my own personal trials with my own dogs, as well as the trial plans of my co owners.  

I also usually pride myself on putting 110% into each and every litter, so I want to be sure the timing works

so until I have a female that is confirmed pregnant I really cant give you anything firm on my plans. 


I do have several potential girls to get bred this next year.  These include several sunny daughters (sunny x zest, sunny x zink, sunny x dot) , Taz (neal x cyndy), and Dot (fetch x twist)

Litter Expected Late April 2024

Judge x Taz

Judge is a phenomenal agility dog that is trying out for the  SOAWC World Team representing Canada that will be travelling to Belgium in 2024. He is a son of Ripley who competed in multiple sports and his mom is my very own MACH Viper.  Judge is very high drive but very biddable and friendly with dogs and people.  Taz is very sweet and has a huge off switch. She is happy to work and dog sports, but just as happy to cuddle on the couch.  This should be a perfect combination for sport homes. 

Opera_senza_titolo 4.jpg

Chit Chat and Zany puppies

Born 2-18-24 

All Puppies Spoken for

Grand Oak.jpg

Proud to be announced as AKC 2023 Sport dog Breeder of the year 

breeder ribbon 2023.jpeg

             Puppies are raised using AVIDOG and Puppy Culture Guidelines


My puppies are exposed to many sights, sounds, surfaces, including adventure boxes, wobble boards, and a lots of toys so that agility dogs are already exposed to many things they will encounter later in life. I use Early Neural Stimulation (the superdog program) and they are introduced to clicker training, crate training, car rides, potty training, all before leaving for their new lifetime homes!


All parents have health clearances, good structure and sound minds! Our dogs are competing sport dogs  but sometimes take a break for a litter.  


These puppies are "family" and raised in my house with my dogs. They get lots of socialization and exposure. If you are looking for a competitive sport dog and understand litters are available around my competition schedule (not yours) then my puppies might be right for you.



If Interested message me through Grand Oakes Border Collies on Facebook, Or email me the application above.

If you are interested in a GO Puppy, Please fill out a puppy application along with video(s) of you current dog(s), if you cannot open the application email me for one at



These litters may have their own facebook page for more info, photos and pedigree,  Follow and "Like" Grand Oakes Border Collies on Facebook for more info! 


















Are you interested in co-ownership of a fantastic G.O. puppy?

Looking for great people to co-own with prefer local in Michigan

Co-owners allow me to continue my fantastic breeding program since my dogs are family and I need to have time for my own personal dogs.  Co-owner get my pick of the litter and the opportunity to have a litter out of their dog.

feel free to contact Julie for more info



More info including pedigrees and photos of pups can be seen on facebook contact me for info 

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