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Titles and Accomplishments of GO Dogs -

​GO dogs are excelling in Agility, Herding, Frisbee, Obedience and all dog sports.

Our dogs are known for intense drive and BIG off switches.  


You can see GO dogs at Cyonosport Games, AKC National Agility Championships, CPE National Championships, Skyhoundz Frisbee events, herding trials etc etc. G.O.  Dogs have earned many Master Agility Titles in different Venues.

Scroll down to see some of our amazing dogs!!


Wynn AWC 2022.jpeg

Michaela and Wynn (Fetch x Jo) have made the 2022 USA World team for AWC IN Austria 

Karen  and Glow  (Coca x Keys) have made the 2022 Canada  World team for AWC IN Austria and EO in Belgium 

Glow eo and awc 2022.jpeg

Rebel (ripley x Zink)


AWI Disc dog world Championships

World Champion AWI 9_2_19.jpg
AWI World champion 9_2_19.jpg

G.O. Puma (speed x crush)

Multiple USA World Team member, IFCS, WAO, EO 2017, 2018, 2019

Go 2017 IFCS banner.jpg
Puma and flag.jpg

 GO Puma 3rd place at IFCS individual jumpers

G.O. Keys (Speed x Crush) 2019 European Open team Canada , the Netherlands

karen and keys EO.jpg
european open july 2019.jpg

GO Cash World Champion US Open 2018


G.O. Cash (Speed x Crush), 2015, 2016, 2017, 2017 European Open Team Canada, World champion US Open 2018 

Yates jumping.jpg

AGCH MACH15 PACH  GO Yates, (rocky x Four)

 Multiple year end for AKC Invitationals

AKC National Finalist. 

One of the finest running agility dog in USA.

AGCH Plaque.jpg
Yates awards.jpg
Mach13 Yates.jpg

Bodie (Yates x Splash

2018 UKI Us Open Champion 

1st games, 1st power/speed, 2nd biathlon

2018 uki us open 1 power 1 games 2 biath
Bodie midwest cup april 2019.jpg

MACH 6 C-ATCH GO DRUID  MXB3, MJB3, MXF, T2B9, AAD, RM SM TM-Bronze.  2013 AKC National Finalist!! \

2013 top 10 year end for all AKC border collies! 2014 Dru placed 7th in year end for All AKC Border Collies


Dru (Four X Elijah)  is an amazing dog, anyone who knows Dru has had a hug from him, sweet, loving and yet amazing drive on the agility course. He has qualified and competed at AKC Nationals, and USDAA Cynosport games multiple times, more info on Dru can be seen on mandy's website




Hottie (Four x Speed) is everything you could ask for in an agility dog.  She has lots of drive, but sweet as can be.  Hottie has competed in the AKC National Agility Champions and in 2011 (at only 2 yrs old) she made the challengers round and placed 12 th overall.

 2013 AKC Nationals Hottie made the Challengers round Again!




Crushy (Keena x Elijah) is daddy's girl.  She was the one in the litter, who just picked us and said she wanted to stay.  She loves everyone she meets, and gives hugs to anyone who wants one. Whether is agility, riding in the tractor with dad, going to a horse show, or snuggling, she is one happy little dog.  She has qualified for AKC Nationals and was honored as the BCSA top 20 in agility in 2012



Keena is a very special dog.  Shortly after starting her agility career, she shattered two bones in her foot after being stepped on by a horse.  Months in a cast and plates and screws later, she said she was ready to come back, and boy did she. She has competed in the AKC nationals twice, and was honored by the BCSA as one of the border collies top 20 in agility in 2011 and 2012.


Speed  truly amazing. He has made me look like a super trainer, and really he is truly just amazing.! I have never met a BC with more intense drive and speed, who is able to process information so quickly and try so incredibly hard to always take the correct obstacles.

As intense as he is at a show, what you dont know is he is sweet and loving away from that environment and loves to cuddle. His puppies are already showing great promise, and GO Hottie from his first litter, placed 11th overall at AKC nationals at only 2 yrs of age.  Speedy you are a special little man!

MACH GO Comet  (Four x Elijah) MXB, MJ, NF

2012 Disc Dog State Champion Jr. Divsion

Comet has done everything from being a broadway star (well we thought he was the highligh to the play), agility, or frisbee with his favorite nephew, whatever the game he is up for it

GO ECHO (four x Speedy) AX, AXJ, 2012 disc dog state champion intermediate division.  Echo is amazing to watch, so much speed and power, and so athletic. From doing backflips and vaulting off mom catching discs, to playing with the kids, she is a very cool dog!


G.O. Seven (Four x Speed)  lives in Girona, Spain and competes in agility, he has qualified and competed in 2012 USDAA nationals, in USA and we are sure going to see a lot more of him.  He is proudly owned by Josep Duran in Spain


Poppy (Four X Elijah), MX, AXJ, NW1, NW2.  Poppy is enjoying life in california competing in agility, herding trials, and nose work. Poppy is currently employed with ECS and works with health dept and municipalities in water pollution.


Bran (Four x Rocky) CDX, CGC, SC-distance accuraty advanced and expert. this is what Karen says about bran: " He is my little snuggler.  he has amazing athletic ability and yet still the sweetest most lovable boy around. He learns quickly and though he just turned 2 yrs old, he has excelled at everything we have tried so far (obedience, frisbee, agility). His agility instructor calls him a "sensible" BC. : I dont think there is ANY sport he can't do"

Fuze (Four x Elijah) MX, MXJ Fuze is a very talented dog. To watch Deb and Fuze on course is fun to watch, blinds crosses, backsides just amazing.  I love to see Fuze at a trial, he goes nuts and tries to leap into my arms when he sees me even after all these years.. not always a good thing, he is not a small boy!

Enzo (Four x Speed).  Enzo is currently completing in herding, and agility.  He is lighting fast in aglity, like his dad. I have nice photos of enzo, but this one says it all.

GO 6 (Four x Elijah) 6 competes in Spain with his half Brother 7. Both dogs have travelled to US to compete in USDAA Nationals.  More about Josep can be found on


Tex (Four x Rocky) MX, MXJ, Tex is littermate to my Bling and Mandy's amazing Yates.  These young pups are proving to be amazing in many aspects, great temperments, great drives, and great beauty. 

UCD Tess CD, RE, BN, GN, GO, OA NAJ, NAP, CGC (Keena x Elijah). Tess is one smart girl. Full of drive and always ready to go. She is the perfect partner for Carol. Tess competes occasionally but mom loves to train more than compete. She is currently doing Agility, Obedience, rally and loves to go on long walks with mom.

CASH  NA, NAJ (Crush x Speedy) lives in Canada, and crosses the border on a regular basis for lessons and now shoing. He is super fast, but loves to hug. Karen and Cash are turning heads in the agility arena, competing in USDAA and UKI, CASH will be Representing Canada at the 2015 EUROPEAN OPEN


Cowboy  CD, RN, OA, OAJ (Four x Rocky).  Cowboy is Lynaia's first BC and she is having a blast in agility as long as she can keep up with him!

Bullet (Four X Rocky) is excelling in UKC events, He is always getting into trouble!!


G.O. Tally MXB, MJS XF, T2B (Four x Rocky) Tally is a dark red/white.  She is a super sweet girl, and loves people

G.O. Twist MX, MXJ AAD (Crush X Speed) this little dynamo is smoking fast. Jane and Twist are turning out to be quiet a team!

G.O. Scratch. MADC MGDC, MSDC  (Crush x Speed) This young man is all power he is competing in Canada in AAC,  USDAA and UKI, he is already keeping up with the big boys

G.O. Cassanova AX AXJ (Speed x Crush). I thought this was the layed back pup in the litter, the sweet crushy pup, and sweet he is, but screaching fast too. He may be more than his handler bargained for, but he is amazing!

GO Puttin on the Bling AXJ, OA (Rocky X Four).  Bling is my little bling a ding. she is so stunning and so much fun to be with.  her favorite recreation is hugging.

G.O. Aiofe CD (Rocky x Four). Aoife competes in obedience and also enjoys herding and just about anything her handlers wish of her.  Biddable and always willing.

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