Below are sires I have used in my breeding program


Male (intact) B/W Tri-color ABCA and AKC Registered

OFA Good Hips, Cornell rated Excellant, Elbows normal,shoulders normal, CEA/CH Normal, Cerf Normal. 

Speed is simply amazing, he has more drive and focus than any other dog I have seen. He runs incredible times, yet keeps his head together.  He is also sweet and lovable at home.  He competes in AKC, USDAA, and has had many impressive Grand Prix wins in agility.  Speed has sired three litters(including MACH Hottie), one by Four(9 pups)one by Crush (5 pups), one by Leica (5 pups).  He has sired one litter with First Harmony Farms Breezy (10 pups)  His pups have tons of drive yet very sweet.


 Spritz, Floss Granting Pleasure OA OAJ is quite the talented agility dog. He is  currently competing at the Masters Level. He has also attended the IFCS World Championships and European Open in 2012. He has a great personality and temperament and is healthy.

"Spritz has 26 sisters and brother.  At least 19 of the 27 dogs are competing in the highest levels in agility throughout the world.  If you have been to the World Championships in the last 5 years you can not have missed the Granting Pleasure Border Collies.  Eight of Spritz's siblings have been competing at the World Championships in agility and they have all shown their outstanding talents and ability to win the most prestigious agility competition in the world.  In 2005, Amazing Gill Granting Pleasure became the World Champion in Agility.  Silvia Tirkmand "Bu" won the European open. Spritz's father Hank has also been participating in the world championships for several years.  Here is a list of the best results that the Granting Pleasure dogs have accomplished in the world championships (WC) until now.  On top of these results they have achieved a lot of great results at national championships and European Open".  You can read more about Spritz and watch his video on his website at

Spritz was bred to Bling in 2013 and produced a singleton red puppy.



V-HC WTCH HTCH Norwood Winthrop Upon A Rock CD RN AX AXJ OF HXAsMdMcM HXBdM HIBs ATDsdc HRDIIIsm HTADIIIsdc HTDIIIds - ABCA and AKC Registered

Rocky is a triple herding champion and the first dog in AKC history to earn the master herding title.  he is truly verstile, he was bred to Four in 2011 and produced 8 lovely puppies including Bling, These pups are excelling in agility, obedience and frisbee!


CH Eyes of the World Elijah RN HXAS OA OAP

Elijah was imported from Belgium. The Belgium dogs are known for their beauty and good heath, while still maintaining the herding instinct a Border Collie is meant to have

Elijah was bred to Four (9 pups) and Keena (6 pups) in 2008, his puppies include MACH3 Druid (Four x Elijah)

TNT Ripleys Believe it or Not


TNT Ripley MGDC, MSDC, AADC, SGDC, AgNJ, AG, 2012 AAC Nationals Qualifier, 2011 , 2012 and 2013 DAM Team Qualifier, 2012 and 2013 Cynosport Wold Games Qualifier, FDCh-S, TF-II, DDCh, ADD, JJ, HIT.

Ripley is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cerf Normal CEA/CH Normal   Ripley competes in Agility, Disc, Dock Diving, Flyball, Sledding, and herding .  He is an amazing dog and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to breed to him.  We new Ripley was a great dog from his videos but we were even more impressed when we met him in person. Shona and Ripley have a strong bond and their love for each other beams out of both of them.

Rip  has tons of personality, loves everyone and is Mr. personality!!.  He has a great fun-loving temperament , intelligence, and yet in ever sport he has drive and incredible work ethic.  At home he is easy to live with and loves to hug. He has already produced some fabulous sport dogs and I think this cross should be no different!


G.O. Man in Black   "Cash"

(Speed x CRUSH)


CASH will be Representing Canada at the European Open July 2015 in Germany!!!!!!

CASH #2 Border Collie in Canada for year end 2015 in CKC


OFA HIps Good , Elbows Normal, Cerf normal, CEA normal

Cash is fantastic young agility dog, by MACH Speed and MACH4 Crush, he is fast, willing, and extremely biddable see his video below and more info on facebook . Cash if a great jumper, extremely fast with a great off switch.  He is competing in AAC(Canada), USDAA , UKI and several international venues.  Cash has 4 siblings and each and every one has proven themselves to be outstanding competitive agility dogs, super fast, and athletic, yet loving and great off switches in the house



Agility Grand Champion MACH5 G.O. YATES (Rocky X Four) 2016 AKC Agility FINALIST, 2016/2017 invitational Yates is from my breeding of Triple herding Champion “rocky” and my “four”.  Both his parents have wonderful temperaments, health and they are great dogs to live with.  Four is known for her extremely laid back attitude, she can chilling out on the side line, then turn it on for agility in a moments notice, then right back to chillin. 

Yates has lived up to his parents, he loves everyone, has no issues, and is easy to live with, yet is fast and efficient on the agility course.  Yates has competed at AKC Nationals, USDAA Cynosport and attended the AKC Agility Invitational placing #6 border collie in the nation.  Pretty impressive.

Yates is 21” 38#, Hips OFA Excellent, elbows normal, OCD free,Baer normal. CEA/CH normal

Yates was 2016 AKC Agility Nationals Finalist

2015 #6 Border Collie Year end in National and competed at the 2015 Invitational

Shadow of Aire Itouch " Coca"


Coca is from Belgium and is littermate to 2015 AWC Res Champion Ikea.  It was a tough decision to consider travelling to Belgium to breed, but we are so impressed with Shadow of Aire dogs and had to do it.  


Coca is an amazing jumper, and has no bad habits, great health, a great temperment and great off switch.  



FHF Dashing Devil


Dash has a fanttastic temperement and lots of drive. He is in training for agility dock diviing and flyball. he has great structure and great health 


His sire is Imported Llanfrian Fleet imported from Holland, who is incredible in herding and producing puppies who are excelling in herding and agility.  Fleet is extremely biddable but very powerful and competed at the Herding national Finals at only 3 yrs of age. 

Dash's mom is from a long line of great sport dogs including IMP. Shiver his grandma, who was a high drive  dog yet a dream to live with. her lines go back to  Rivals Tri-hard (Divot) who was an amazing sire and combined Rival and Botyne lines which are well known in the sport world. 

Dash is OFA prelim Good, Elbows normal, CEA normal, MDR1 normal, TNS normal IGS nomal CERF normal 


FHF Dashing Devil

IDash's Sire Imported Llanfrian Fleet  Imported from Holland

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