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Grand Oakes Border Collies 

MACH Viper -GO Coiled and Red'dy


(Bling x Spritz ) born 2013

Viper is such an amazing little red rocket, she is out of my girl MACH GO Bling and her sire is the famous Floss Granting Pleasure (Spritz) from the Granting Pleasure line out of Germany. 

She is on the smaller size only around 18" and 28# but her size doesn't keep her from jumping. she has competed at EO tryouts jumping 24" and can handle it easily.  She has an AMAZING jumping style and is very athletic body.  She also just began competing in Disc dog which she also loves.  

Her personality is very unique, I really dont think she knows she is a dog, she loves people and her favorite pastime is mooching off of everyone during class.  She is extremely laid back and can go from 0-100 mph in a moments notice and back down again.  She gets along with all dogs, and all dogs like her too, so some type of chemistry she has is unusual. She truly is a special dog and we have a long career ahead. 

OFA - good, elbows normal, OCD free,

TNS normal, MDR1 normal, CEA Carrier and CERF normal yearly



Import Mawlch Bel- Saavy

(Fetch x Patch

Winner of 2020 UKI Canada Open At Home


18789834_10211368545722438_857167169_o (1).jpg
Saavy win canada open speedstakes sept 2020.jpg
 diisc july 2018Savvy.jpg
Grand Oakes Wicket
( Coca x GO Keyes)
Winner of 2020 USA UKI At Home 
Version 2 (1).jpg
ABCA and AKC Registered

Male (intact)

OFA Good Hips, Cornell rated Excellant, Elbows normal,shoulders normal, CEA/CH Normal, Cerf Normal. MDR! Normal, TNS normal EOD Carrier

Speed is simply amazing, he has more drive and focus than any other dog I have seen. He runs incredible times, yet keeps his head together.  He is also sweet and lovable at home.  He competes in AKC, USDAA, and has had many impressive Grand Prix wins in agility.  Speed has sired two litters(including MACH Hottie), one by Four and one by Crush.  He pups have tons of drive yet very sweet.




Female (intact)

OFA Hips Excellant, elbows normal, CEA/CH normal, Cerf Normal, TNS Normal, MDR1 Normal Optimal selection full panel clear

Crush is a superstar, and loves to work, she is glad to do anything, agility, herding, walks on the beach. She LOVES everyone she meets, and loves to hug

Crush placed 4th in Biathlon at Cynosports!! 


at rainbow bridge

Female - Spayed ABCA and AKC Registered

OFA Hips fair, Elbows normal CEA/CH Normal, Cerf Normal, MDR! normal

Keena is truly Special. She has taught me so much about agility, and most of all just loves to be with me, we have competed at AKC nationals, and she is still running winning times at 9 yrs old


Keena had one litter see info below


At Rainbow bridge

Female- spayed ABCA and AKC Registered

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CEA/CH/CL Normal, Cerf Normal, Baer Normal, MDR1 Normal

Four is Truly the Perfect border collie, she is incredibly fast, and very biddable. She is a fantastic jumper, and will run for anyone. Yet as soon as you take her off the course, she turns completely off, and lays around like a rug.  she is also very strong on sheep and can do somersaults to catch a frisbee. 

Optimal Selection full panel clear except EOD Carrier


Four has had 3 litters see below

Retired - Co own
MACH2 Bling -  CD, BN, RE, MXS, MJB, MXF, T2B, CA(Four x Rocky)

Female -Intact  ABCA and AKC Registered

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cerf Clear. Bling was exactly what I had hoped for out of Four, She is a beauty, and has a great temperment, medium drive and strong herding instinct.  She loves to cuddle, and her favorite game is chasing speedy. She competes in agiltiy with her co owner young David, as well as a star in obedience and rally.  She is very biddable and does whatever is asked of her. she has beautiful structure, great health and wonderful temperment


Bling has had one litter by Spritz and one litter by GO Cash click on button below for more info

Retired- Co-own

Leica -(Four x Rocky)

Female- Intact  ABCA and AKC Registered

Owned by James Laube Clarkston, MI

OFA hips Excellant, Elbows Normal, Cerf Clear.  Leica loves everyone she meets, she is easy to live with and a total pleaser  She is a black/white tricolor and littermate to our bling. 

Leica has one litter in December 2013 with Speed


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