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My husband and I live on a small farm in Michigan.  We both are involved in horses, and and I have been a member of the appaloosa horse club since 1988.  We have been breeding, showing horses for more than 30 years.  We have bred, raised, train and shown many National/world champion pleasure horses, and my husband trains horses as well as is a coach for youth and non-pro exhibitors. 


We got our first border collie in 1999 and we have been hooked on BC's ever since.  I started into agility to just have fun with my dog and had no intention of every really competing much, but it totally changed my life.  My dogs are my best friends, famliy and total companions, and we love the teamwork and bond we have developed through agility.  I love to compete and show at the national level and compete in several venues, AKC, USDAA, UKI, CPE .  In my frustration to find the perfect puppy for me, I ended up deciding to breed to get what I wanted, and have no intention of ever being a "breeder."  I LOVE my DOG as PETS, Friends Companions and Competitors and once in a while we will produce a litter, with health, temperment, structure and drive all in mind. I am a wildlife biologist by profession and have always had a strong interest in reproduction  and genetics and work with endangered wildlife and species recovery plans.  My goal is Breeding the best to the best for the best - for 7 years now. GO pups are showing up as top competition in many areas. 

Grand Oakes Border Collies have been awarded the Breeder of Merit from the AKC!

Grand Oakes Puppies

If you're interested in a puppy you can reserve a pup after filling out the Application below.   t Puppies are sold as show, sport or real working dogs. Border Collies generally do not make casual pets since border collies need more mental and physical work than most other breeds,

       View Grand Oakes Border Collie FAQs sheet .

Grand Oakes Border Collies - 

Breeding Philosophy

My dogs are my family and they are pets and best friends first, competiion dogs second, and maybe just maybe once in a while one will have a litter.  My intention in breeding has never been to make money, but to pass on great traits and let other have just a little piece of what means so much to me!  I  strive to produce pups with excellent Temperaments, Health, Structure and Soundness, while maintaining the natural herding ability the Border Collie is known for.  Though Agility is our main interest, our puppies excel in herding, agility, Frisbee, dock diving, Fly-ball, obedience, conformation, and most importantly as loving lifelong companions. 

Breeding Dogs

We are a small breeder, breeding quality, not quantity. Our goal in every litter is to improve the breed through selective breeding.  All our breeding animals are carefully screened for health clearances, including hips OFA/Pennhip, elbows, eyes CERF and DNA for genetic diseases such as CEA/CL etc. They also must be sound (both mind and body).  We breed our pups to have enough drive for performance sports, yet still have an off switch when it is time to come into the house.  All our puppies come with a full written health guarantee.

How we Raise Our Puppies

· Our puppies are raised in the house, and well socialized before going to their new homes.

· Each puppy goes through the "Super-dog program known as Early Neural Stimulation (ENS) as described by Dr Battaglia, in “developing high achievers.” Puppies are exposed to different surfaces, textures, temperatures etc. even before their eyes open.  Research has shown that puppies that go through ENS are stronger both emotionally and physically.

· Each puppy will also go through the Vollhard Temperament Test to evaluate their core temperament.  This same test is used for guide dogs, and military/police dogs, and gives the new owner another tool to identify their new puppy’s strengths and weaknesses.

· As puppies grow they will be exposed to a variety of new sights and sounds, (rules of 7's) including scary noises such as sirens, jackhammers,  and thunder.  They will also be exposed to the full gamut of agility sounds including banging teeters.

· Puppies will be socialized with Children, and as they get older, will go for walks around the farm to meet horses, sheep, cats etc.

Puppies will go for car rides and learn to play on baby agility equipment, including a wobble board.

All this and more will be done to give you a well socialized puppy that quickly adapts to your new home and your lifestyle.

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